Babar Azam on His 'This Too Shall Pass' Tweet for Virat Kohli

After Virat Kohli, the Indian captain, struggled with form in the first half of 2022,

the Pakistan captain Babar Azam recalled his motivations for posting a message to Kohli on social media.

Babar uploaded a photo of Kohli and himself with the caption:

This too shall pass Stay strong

The social media post received 368,000 likes and 53,700 retweets after going viral. Kohli also commented to the article, writing the following comment:

Thank you very much. Continue to shine and rise. I wish you the best of luck.

On July 15, 2022, as the star Indian batter was having difficulty on the England tour, the Pakistani captain uploaded the image and the caption. 

He was out in the second ODI at Lord's on 16, prolonging a bad stretch and motivating Babar to assist him.

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