Baron Corbin Was Shocked By A Fan's Bizarre Comment About Him

For many years, Corbin has been a constant in the WWE. Over the years, he has done well for himself on WWE TV as a despised villain. 

He has won the King of the Ring competition and has held the title of United States Champion in the past. 

The Hall of Famer JBL was recently a guest on a program with the Modern Day Wrestling God, but the latter has since abandoned him.

In a now-deleted post, one supporter argued that Corbin ought to be released so that they wouldn't even have to worry about another company signing him.

If there is one guy @WWE could cut right now, waive the 90-day non-compete clause, and be certain that NO OTHER organization would sign him, it would be @BaronCorbinWWE! 

The only time I was relieved to see him was when @PatMcAfeeShow mocked him by calling him #BumA*sCorbin! That was pure gold!

Baron Corbin was horrified by the post, and while venting his rage about it, he didn't hold back.

Some folks actually make me sick. I'll never figure out what's wrong with you.

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