Bjorn Borg Comes In Chennai To Accompany His Son Leo On His First Trip To India

In preparation for his son Leo's first trip to India, tennis star Bjorn Borg has landed in Chennai.

The Chennai Open Challenger, which begins on Monday, is being played in the southern city by the 19-year-old Leo, who is now rated 515th in the world (February 13).

Due to his "passion" of India, the Swedish youngster was given a wildcard into the competition and was accompanied by his legendary father.

Former World No. 1 Bjorn Borg is recognized as one of the greatest players in the history of the sport after winning five consecutive Wimbledon championships and six Roland Garros trophies.

Borg, who retired three decades ago, occasionally goes to matches with his son, a youngster.

Leo informed DT Next about Bjorn Borg's trip to India as follows:

Bjorn has traveled to India. He cherishes India. He desired to return (to India).

We were given the chance (thanks to the Chennai Open), thus he is here.

Leo noted that even though his father prefers to stay at home most of the time,  he is always there for him when it comes to what Bjorn brings to the court long after he has retired:

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