Brad Hogg Desires That Steve Smith Take Pat Cummins' Position As Australia's Test Captain

Former cricketer Brad Hogg thinks Steve Smith ought to succeed Pat Cummins as Australia's Test captain. 

Hogg stated on his YouTube channel that having a batsman as the captain makes more sense since it is necessary to occasionally give fast bowlers a breather to control their workload.

He also said that Cummins would find it extremely difficult to be a team leader because he participates in all three forms as well as the Indian Premier League (IPL).

I believe Steve Smith ought to serve as the captain permanently "Hogg argued.

"Give fast bowlers a little respite, especially if they are participating in all three forms. Pat Cummins is about his participation in the IPL. His job burden is increasing.

Batters, in my opinion, should be captains because fast bowlers are under too much strain.

Sure, Pat Cummins got away with it early on, but I believe it will cause more irritation as time goes on.

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