Coco Gauff Was Thrilled To See A Picture Of Her As Marvel's Black Panther

The fictitious African nation of Wakanda, which is highly advanced technologically, serves as the setting for the Black Panther film series.

The series has won a lot of praise from critics for its compelling narrative, graphically impressive world-building, and varied array of characters.

It is generally considered as a cultural pillar and a turning point in Hollywood's treatment of people of color.

In the sequel to the film series, "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever," Coco Gauff is shown as Black Panther by the Tennis Channel on Twitter.

"Can't forget about the queen," the account captioned the photo.

Coco Gauff expressed her admiration for the artwork by reposting it on Twitter with laughing emojis.

Given that the 18-year-old has already expressed her respect for the degree of representation that the Black Panther series affords to people of color, 

 it is not surprising that she would enjoy the picture. She went on a movie date with her younger brother Codey, who was wearing a Black Panther mask, and they watched the movie.

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