Darren Cahill and Paul McNamee praise Novak Djokovic's professionalism following his Australian Open win

Paul McNamee, a former tennis player, has praised Novak Djokovic for his mature response to setbacks leading up to and during the just-concluded Australian Open.

Darren Cahill, a well-known tennis coach, has already praised Djokovic for his skill both on and off the court. 

He praised the 22-time Grand Slam champion's self-control and diligence, saying that his professionalism is "second to none."

He seeks a method to exploit every opening in the adversary's strategy in order to expose its flaws. And his expertise and movement are unmatched. 

With the lengths he takes to get his physique where it is, I've never seen someone take better care of their body

and be more professional than Novak, said Cahill on the Big Deal - Australian Sports Business Podcast.

McNamee concurred with the assessment and noted that despite being severely constrained by his abdominal issue,

the Serb had only lost one set during his campaign in Melbourne.

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