Fans Go Crazy As Donovan Mitchel And Dillon Brooks Get Into A Huge Fight

Again, Dillon Brooks was in the news. He's back on the front page because of another fight that could have turned out very badly if people didn't calm down.

Based on a film review, Brooks seemed to aim for Donovan Mitchell's groin after Mitchell missed a layup in the third quarter.

Fans of basketball made fun of the Memphis Grizzlies guard/forward right away for his most recent controversial action:

Donovan Mitchell, confirmed Shannon Sharpe supporter

We've arrived at the point where someone needs to undercut Brooks and put an end to his season. He needs to be taught a lesson before destroying another career; GP2 will never be the same again."

Brooks was involved in a close call involving Shannon Sharpe, a three-time Super Bowl champion, last month. 

After the aforementioned event, the former Oregon star made some fairly intriguing comments regarding the current Fox Sports analyst.

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