JBL Tells A Hilarious Story About Riding With Dick Murdoch

Dick Murdoch excelled at several things in the world of pro wrestling. He was a former tag team champion for the WWF (now WWE), 

and he competed in matches under the NWA brand all over the world, notably at All Japan Pro Wrestling and New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

Murdoch, also known as Captain Redneck, undoubtedly influenced many people in later decades.

Former WWE Champion JBL, who teamed up with Murdoch in the later stages of his career, was one of the talents he encouraged.

On the most recent edition of Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw, the former APA member described picking up a drunken Murdoch while driving from Texas to Oklahoma.

It was obvious, he claimed, that Murdoch had to vomit, but he held off until they had crossed the Red River and were formally outside of Texas.

So we're traveling through Oklahoma and I ask, 'Dick, do you need me to pull over?' 'Naw kid, keep driving.' We continue on our way, and I ask, 'Dick, do you need me to pull over?' 'Kid, keep driving.' 

As we get closer to the Red River, I ask, 'Dick, are you sure you don't want me to pull over?' 'KEEP DRIVING.' He shouts, 'Pull over child,' as soon as we pass the Red River.

He walked out and puked all over Oklahoma. 'Don't ever throw up in Texas Kid,' he said as he climbed back in. It was the most wonderful thing ever.

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