Josh Hart's Hilarious Reaction To Jayson Tatum's Expulsion Had Fans In Stitches.

Josh Hart is becoming popular with the New York Knicks supporters after being a fan favorite with the LA Lakers,

New Orleans Pelicans, and Portland Trail Blazers. Since his acquisition at the trade deadline, the club has gone 6-0.

After cracking up after Jayson Tatum's expulsion during the team's 109-94 victory over the Boston Celtics at home, Hart offered the Knicks' fan base another memory to treasure.

When the club sealed a 2-1 season series victory against the Celtics, Knicks supporters were already pumped.

Boston entered the game as the league's top record holder, giving the victory even more significance. 

For New Yorkers in a full MSG arena, Tatum's dismissal and Hart's response only enhanced the moment.

Josh Hart garnered a lot of praise for his game-related antics, especially in light of the outrage over Jayson Tatum's disqualification. One supporter tweeted:

Booted him from the Garden

Josh Hart is fitting right in as a New Yorker now lol mad petty lol

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