Marnus Labuschagne Discusses His Battle With Ravichandran Ashwin On Indore's Day 3

On the third day of the third Test in Indore, the top-ranked batsman in Tests,

Marnus Labuschagne, discussed his matchup with Ravichandran Ashwin. 

The right-handed batsman disclosed that the off-spinner disrupted his rhythm, prompting him to first avoid facing him.

On the third day of the third Test in Indore, Labuschagne expressed reservations about playing Ashwin because of his short run-up.

Australia's No. 3 got ready after the off-spinner returned to the top of the mark, with umpire Joel Wilson and Indian skipper Rohit Sharma also intervening.

Labuschagne stated to The Age that he had synchronized himself with Ashwin's run-up, but the off-spinner reduced it, making it difficult for him to be prepared.

I was oblivious to his transition to a short run since I was familiar with the rhythm of his run-up; thus, my routine adheres to this rhythm. So I thought,

 "I'm not facing up because I'll glance down, and then he'll bowl the ball." I tried it a couple times, simply withdrawing. Then Joel came down and said,

"You must face up when he's ready," to which I responded, "I'm delighted to face up, but he's attempting to bowl the ball before I'm ready."

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