Michael Kasprowicz Defends Pitches In The Test Series Against Australia Under Intense Scrutiny.

Michael Kasprowicz, a former Australian seamer, has noticed that the pitch chatter surrounding the upcoming Test series in India has been exaggerated. 

He feels the wickets have performed as expected. While the pitch in Nagpur and Delhi did not inspire controversy,

the deck in Indore came under scrutiny as soon as it began to spin sharply.

Australia triumphed in two and a half days with the help of 26 spinners out of 31 wickets.

Kasprowicz told The Age that the wicket in Indore was a little aberration, primarily owing to the dewy morning conditions.

Nonetheless, the 51-year-old feels that its behavior later in the day was typical.

I don't trust the hype, since I feel the pitches were normal Indian wickets despite all the hoopla around them.

I'm aware that the last one in Indore performed a few early tricks, but since they're beginning so early (9:30 a.m.), 

perhaps the slight dampness would assist them catch the ball. During later stages of the day, though, it was not behaving in this manner.

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