Novak Djokovic on his 'best' and 'biggest' rival Rafael Nadal

In Novak Djokovic's opinion, Rafael Nadal is still playing well since both he and Nadal are still playing well.

The Serbian believes that they both encourage one another to compete for the most prestigious championships.

To win the most singles Major trophies in the annals of men's tennis, the two luminaries are tied at 22 Grand Slam victories each.

By winning the 2023 Australian Open in January, Novak Djokovic passed Rafael Nadal's record of 22 Grand Slam victories.

The outcome of whoever of the two titans ends up in control of the record is eagerly anticipated by the whole tennis community.

Before to the 2023 Dubai Tennis Championships, Djokovic referred to Nadal as his "greatest" and "largest" adversary in the sport in an interview with Tennis TV. 

The two titans have faced off 59 times, which is the most times any two players have ever engaged in combat in the history of the sport.

"Yeah, best competitor I've ever had, biggest adversary I've ever had," the Serb remarked of his battle with Nadal.

"We played, what, 59 times against each other, I mean, the most that any two players faced each other in the history of the game.

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