Novak Djokovic's Movement and Professionalism Is Second to None

Recently, Boris Becker remarked to Andrea Petkovic that Novak Djokovic is like water and is unrivaled in his ability to change his game to meet his opponent's. 

Former player Darren Cahill, who has lauded the renowned player for his playing style, concurs entirely with Becker's viewpoint.

He just won the Australian Open for the tenth time, matching Rafael Nadal's record of 22 Grand Slam victories, which is the most among men.

Since he was notably banned from Australia last year owing to his lack of a coronavirus vaccination, his triumph meant considerably more than any of his other ones.

On The Big Deal - Australian Sports Business Podcast, Cahill praised Djokovic's aptitude for seeing holes in his rival's strategy.

Andrea Petkovic really mentioned that Novak is like water in that you can sort of obtain it but you can't really hang on to it "said Cahill.

"And I believe it really describes Novak because he always manages to find a way to dissect his opponents' strategies and identify their weak points. And his expertise and movement are unmatched.

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