Rohit Sharma Opens Up On T20I Future Amid Speculation

Rohit Sharma's T20I career was rumoured to be coming to an end shortly, but the player has provided an update on his plans moving forward

Hardik Pandya was selected captain for the just finished T20I series against Sri Lanka, and Rohit Sharma was absent

In what appeared to be a transitional period for Indian cricket

it gave rise to the rumour that going ahead Rohit might only lead in ODIs and Tests

The 35-year-old skipper of India has finally clarified his T20I plans ahead of the ODI series against Sri Lanka

which gets underway on Tuesday. In the past, he has stated that he "has not decided to give up

Six T20Is remain, but three have already concluded. So we'll be able to take care of those boys until the IPL, you know

Then, after the IPL, we'll see what happens. At a news conference, Rohit assured reporters that he had not made up his mind to abandon the format

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