Top 5 Free Fire Guns to Use Over Short-Range in 2023

Groza is a top-tier assault weapon in Free Fire. The weapon has a remarkable accuracy of 52 and provides a lot of damage in close combat. 

Groza grants players a high range of 77, which aids in seeing foes in the mid-range.

The CG15 is one of the game's most underappreciated weapons. The weapon features a well-balanced attribute sheet that allows players to improve their accuracy and headshot accuracy.

The M1014 is one of the greatest shotguns in the game. With a tremendous damage of 94, the weapon may swiftly dispatch an opponent with one or two blows.

Another excellent short-range weapon in Free Fire is the MP5. 

The SMG weapon has a strong set of advantages that make it useful in close quarters combat.

When it comes to short-range combat in Free Fire, the MP40 is one of the deadliest weapons.

The weapon is an SMG and has a remarkable rate of fire. A combination of an 83 firing rate and a 48 base damage may be devastating to opponents.

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