Virat Kohli Remembers Chinese Van Serving Best Food

Virat Kohli recently identified a restaurant that, in his opinion, had the best Chinese food, which he has since stopped eating

Virat Kohli is known for having a demanding training regimen. The former captain of India follows a strict diet and prioritises his workouts

However, he was a fan of street cuisine when he was younger

He recently mentioned the restaurant he believed had the best Chinese food, which he has never again eaten

It's interesting that he wasn't referring to a posh, high-end establishment

We visited a Chinese eatery. The name of that van was Chuk Chuk Mail

The fried rice and manchow soup that are served there... In a talk with master chef Vikas Khanna at the latter's restaurant in Mumbai

Virat Kohli claimed, "I have never experienced any Chinese food like that again

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