What is Andrew Wiggins’ contract with Golden State Warriors?

Andrew Wiggins, a two-way forward for the Golden State Warriors, might not have made the NBA All-Star team this year. He continues to receive star-level pay, nevertheless.

This season, Wiggins will earn a guaranteed $33.6 million. Moreover, he is under contract through at least the end of 2026, with a player option for the NBA season 2026–2027.

His player option is worth $30.2 million, and his total guaranteed compensation is $112.4 million. 

 He might earn a total of $142.6 million from now until the end of 2027.

The four-year, $109 million contract extension he inked in October after Golden State's 2022 championship run was completed. 

Bob Myers, the general manager of the Warriors, gushed about Wiggins' dual influence on the squad at the time:

Andrew has been an excellent addition to our team since his arrival in the Bay Area about three years ago.

His first-ever title last season gained him the respect of many in the league and cemented his status as an NBA impact player. We're thrilled that he'll be joining us for the next few years.

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