Wrestling legend wonders if WWE may sabotage The Bloodline's last chapter.

Dutch Mantell, a former WWE manager, recently discussed how the organization handled the entire Sami Zayn and The Bloodline narrative arc.

Roman Reigns has had to deal with Sami and his friendship with KO while his conflict with Kevin Owens is ongoing.

The past several weeks have been challenging for "The Honorary Uce," as he has often been required to demonstrate his allegiance to The Tribal Chief and The Bloodline.

In the most recent Smack Talk broadcast, Mantell expresses his concern that WWE won't properly handle the Bloodline-Sami Zayn storyline.

He asserted that the tale had been excellently developed up to this point by the creative, and it merited a satisfying conclusion.

They did a fantastic job putting this together. I don't believe they could muck this up. However, they can. Trust me.

If they can get messed up, they can mess it up.

I don't believe they will, though. On this, I believe they are far ahead of the game.

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